Our village is about 90 kilometers west of Chișinău, nestled in the Prut River Valley. This is a beautiful part of Moldova with rolling hills, fertile farmland, river access, and a clear view of Romania. Officially there are 2,500 residents, but many people are abroad working. We have been here around 2 months now, and already it feels like a lot has changed since when we first arrived. The first set of photos was taken right when we first arrived, and the second set was taken just a couple days ago.

It has already gotten cold here. Starting October first, it was definitely coat weather, even for Curt. The past three days have been very pleasant though, more like how I think autumn should feel, so we walked down to the river and took some pictures. It is a big harvesting time right now. Farmers are collecting all the last of their crop and preparing for winter.