We live with a couple in their late 50’s, early 60’s whose daughter lives in the neighboring village with her husband and child. This is an ideal situation for us because sometimes we have a hard time relating to young children. Whenever we walk outside our gate though, there are always plenty of children willing and ready to play with the “Americans”. We played a lot of frisbee when the weather was nicer. We even taught them how to play ultimate frisbee, which they absolutely loved. The kids are very sweet and very patient when correcting our Romanian.

This little boy pictured below to the left learned how to say my name… well kind of. In his very sweet, high-pitched voice, he says, “Suza, Suza, Suza” over and over again anytime he sees me. It seriously makes my heart melt every time I hear it. As you can imagine with Curt’s love for nicknames, he is now calling me “Suzers” in the same tone this little boy uses. And yes, I know it’s really mushy to say, but my heart melts every time I hear it as well.