I was walking home one day and noticed this massive pile of corn stalks outside our neighbors’ gate. Then the next day I noticed them shucking the corn, so I decided to help. The lady who lives here is a school teacher, and two of her boys are my students, 5th and 6th graders. I helped for about 3 hours and we probably got through 3/4 of the corn. They still have two more loads like this to bring from the field. Of course the corn is used to feed their animals, but once the corn is eaten off the cob, they will put them in their fireplaces (sobă) to heat their homes.

I’m always up for a friendly competition. Plus I thought it would make things a little more fun for the kids, so I decided to offer fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies to the person who could find the tallest, shortest, or most odd looking cob. It took a little prodding, but the kids eventually warmed up to the idea of playing while working. Below were the contenders.

And here were the winners: S won with the “strangest looking”. O won with the “tallest”. And I won with the “shortest”. Isn’t it nice when everybody wins.

Shout Out… Happy 31st Adam B.