The title of this post is dedicated to my father. “Popșui” is not the Romanian grammatically correct word for corn, it’s colloquial. And “carn” is not the English grammatically correct word for corn, it’s colloquial… at least for my dad and maybe a few other people from South St. Louis.

I have already posted about the corn harvest, but this was the corn harvest at our host parents’ house. It seems like each family has their own procedures for corn harvesting. Our host parents shuck the corn in the fields and throw it in the truck bed. Then it is dumped on the driveway for sorting and “cleaning” (We make sure all the little hairs are discarded.). Then we put it into buckets to  be transported to storage. There were three loads like this, each load being delivered on different days. On this day I worked for 4 hours with 8 other people to finish the job.