Some people have expressed interest in seeing where we live, but first, please hear me out. When I lived in Ruseștii Noi, I had pretty nice living conditions. Other trainees called my house Beverly Hills, and it was, compared to their conditions. So there seems to be some unwritten rule in PC that you don’t brag about where you’re placed. So just know, I am not bragging. I am simply recording and archiving my experience in Moldova. So if you are a Peace Corps volunteer reading this, I only ask that you please not hate me because I basically moved from Beverly Hills to Paris. Thank you.

Our living conditions are not that different from the US. We live very comfortably here, especially for being Peace Corps volunteers and especially for living in a Moldovan village. We have running water and gas, an indoor shower and toilet, a clean and newly refinished kitchen, a TV, a fridge and a freezer. These are commodities rare in a village and especially rare to the majority of Peace Corps volunteers serving worldwide. When I signed up for the PC, I was definitely not expecting that my shower would give me the option of listening to the radio, talking on the phone, turning the lights on, and selecting from four different showering methods, one of which would be shooting water out from the side like jets in a hot tub.

To the left is where our host parents live. They call it the “casa mică” or small house. There are six rooms, plus the summer kitchen. They built this house in the late 80’s and have been living in it since the 90’s. You’ll notice the stairs on the right go up to the “casa mare” or big house. This is where we live.

Moldovan tradition says if a bird nests above your door, it means you’re a good person.

We live in the casa mare. It basically has 6 rooms, two of which we use (the kitchen and the bedroom).

It wouldn’t be our kitchen without white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and the boxes of Barilla pasta in the cupboards, all of which can be purchased in Chișinău.

Shout out… Happy birthday Mark A. and Marissa H.