Zeamă is one of my favorite meals here in Moldova, especially when it is accompanied with mămăligă and brînza de oaie. L makes this soup with homemade noodles (tăieții de casă) and borș de casă. Borș is a sour flavoring added to certain dishes. You can buy packets of borș at the store, but L makes her own at home.

Zeamă Ingredients:
1 whole cut chicken or about 4 chicken breasts cubed
3 small yellow onions or 1 large onion
1 medium carrot
1 cup totato sauce
2-3 potatoes
1 small red or green bell pepper
2 tsp. chicken bouillon or chicken flavoring (optional)
4 tbs. borsi de casă

Tăieții de Casă Ingredients:
1 large egg

Place chicken in a pot of water ¾ full to boil. Finely chop carrots, peppers, and onions. When water is boiling, scoop chicken foam off the top. Add veggies and cover. Bring to a boil again. Peel and cut potatoes. Place them in a bowl of water to rinse, and set them aside.

Crack an egg and add a couple of handfuls of flour to it. Mix it with your hand. You’ll notice it is not very easy to mix it because it is very hard, but make sure it is mixed well and that the dough is very hard. Add more flour if needed. Form it into a somewhat flat ball. Let it rest for 10 minutes.

Add a cup of tomato sauce plus a cup of water to the pot. If you have some sort of chicken flavoring you like to use, go ahead and add a couple of teaspoons. Wait 20 minutes and then add the potatoes.

Flatten dough into a circle. Sprinkle flour on a flat surface, and roll it out as thin as you can. Thin, thin, thin. While you let the dough rest, wash and clean the dill, celery leaves, and parsley. Add flour to the dough and cut it in 1 inch strips. Stack them on top of each other sprinkling flower in between each layer. Cut the stack in half. On a cutting board thinly slice along the 1 inch edge. The dough will be stuck together, so pick up the cut pieces and sprinkle/scatter them so they fall lightly on the counter.

Chop parsley and greens and add them to the soup. Then add borș de casă (about 4 tablespoons). Let it boil for about 5 minutes. Add the noodles. You know it is done when the noodles rise to the top. Do not boil from this point on.

Pofta Bună.