Curt and I vacationed in Turkey for a week during Christmas break. We stayed in Istanbul for a few days, then headed to Cappadocia  for the remainder of our trip. Curt joked with me that the trip would probably take up about 10 blog posts. I thought that was ridiculous at first, but now I think he underestimated. Turkey was absolutely amazing. We barely scratched the surface of museums to see, places to go, things to do, and desserts to taste. It is a country rich in history and culture.

Susan’s top 5 favorite things about this trip:

  1. Turkish sweets
  2. The Blue Mosque
  3. Underground City in Kaymakli
  4. Turkish Bath
  5. Hiking through Cappadocia

If I could add a 6th favorite thing, I would say the cobblestone streets were another favorite of mine.

Curt’s top 5 favorite things about this trip:

  1. Susie (traveling companion)
  2. Frescoes in Cappadocia
  3. Hagia Sophia
  4. Exploring/Hiking through Cappadocia
  5. Turkish Food

We stayed in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul for our first three nights. It is on the European side of Istanbul. This is a very touristy area. It was nice because most everyone spoke some English. But it was very crowded, so we found it best to do the really touristy things earlier in the morning. Right now the Turkish Lira is slightly weaker than the dollar, about 1.5 TYL to $1. I wouldn’t say things are necessarily expensive there, as long as you get a hang of where to go. The Asian side of Istanbul is much more inexpensive than the European side. Obviously museum prices are not negotiable, but just about everything else is. The weather was overcast and in the 40’s, but we didn’t have to use our umbrellas once.