It is really interesting how high school reunions are celebrated in Moldova. The 12th grade class organizes a night full of festivities, food, conversation, and dancing for classes from the past. For example, in Bălăurești all graduating classes in increments of 5 years are invited. So the Classes of 2006, 2001, 1996, 1991, 1986… and so on were invited, all the way until 1961. Other villages may do it differently, for example in 10 or 20 year increments. This year the power had been off all day due to the wind, so instead of starting at 7:00 it started at 9:00. And of course the two Americans were the only two guests who showed up on time.

(I like to talk about Moldovan idiosyncrasies when I’ve observed them at least several times, but it would not be right to say that all Moldovans are this way or that way, so just know that when I say “Moldovans are…”, I am strictly speaking from my experience with the Moldovans I have met from a few villages and from Chișinău. So here we go…) Moldovans are not really planners. We spent two hours in the dark waiting for people to find a generator because they started looking at 7:00 PM. I couldn’t help but think that if we were in the same situation in the states, we would have been looking for a generator throughout the day just in case the electricity didn’t come back in time.

The Seniors preformed skits, songs, and dances. They opened up the floor for alumni to reminisce about funny and embarrassing  moments. And they organized a few little friendly competitions between graduating classes. The party really started after all this though with a masă, drinking and dancing lasting well into the night.