E’s brother (S) who is a veterinarian owns a cow. I had never milked one, so I told L and E that would be something I would like to do in Moldova. The next week we were invited over for dinner and cow milking. The cow birthed a calf about a month ago, so with the calf on one side and me on the other, I learned how to milk a cow. I didn’t milk as much as S because I got nervous every time the  cow moved even an inch, almost dropping the pale from between my legs. And no, it didn’t help that S kept screaming to not be scared. The cow could definitely tell someone inexperienced was trying to learn on her, and I don’t imagine that’s the most comfortable feeling.

They make fresh cheese with the milk by pouring it in jars, letting it sit for a few days to sour, wrapping it in a cheese cloth, and then storing it to turn to cheese. When it is warmer it only takes about three days, but during the winter it an take up to three weeks.