We traveled to some of the Baltic States and Finland the second week in March while I was on spring break. We flew into Riga, Latvia, and then jumped right on a bus heading to Tallinn, Estonia. We stayed there for a day and then took a ferry to Helsinki for a day. We came back to Tallinn to spend another two days touring the area, and got on a bus heading back to Riga to for a couple of days.

Curt and I both agree it was just an ok vacation. We booked this trip mainly because the tickets from Chișinău to Riga are so inexpensive. We decided after this trip that while we are here, we may as well travel to the countries we really want to travel to, even if flights to those countries are slightly more expensive. And looking at the bigger picture, all the flights from Chișinău to other European countries are a lot cheaper than they would be if booked from the states. We only have a limited amount of vacation days, and we should really spend them wisely, even if the countries we want to see cost a little more.

Tallinn’s Old Town is a fun area with creative shops, old churches, comfy cafes, cobblestone streets, and medieval architecture. March is not really considered tourist season, so we missed the crowds, but came just in time for the 6 inches of ice covering the ground. It was cold. Estonia, which was occupied by the USSR, is now a part of the European Union and uses the Euro.

Toompea Castle: Estonian Parlament. 13th Century.

Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral. 1900.

Medieval towers and gate surrounding Old Town.

St. Olaf’s Church. 13th Century.

St. Catherine’s Passage

St. Nicholas Church. 13th Century.

The Three Sisters. 15th Century. Medieval Residential Houses.

Cat’s Well

Old Town Square

Holy Spirit Church. 13th Century.

Maiden Tower or Virgin Tower. 14th Century. Prison for prostitutes.

St. Mary’s Church (Dome Church). 15th Century.