In my opinion some of Old Town’s highlights in the way of shopping and eating are the many yarn and linen shops, nAiiv, Loomelood, Kompressor, and Cafe Mademoiselle.

Estonian is known for its quality and variety of  linen and wool. I loved browsing through the yarn shops to see all the variations.

nAiiv is a  great little shop specializing in stylish Estonian-inspired knitted clothing.

Loomelood Estonian Design and Handicraft is a great little jewelry shop run by a couple of ladies who specialize in handmade earrings. I’m a sucker for earrings, so walking away with only three pairs was quite the accomplishment for me.

Kompressor is a great, inexpensive dining establishment with the most delicious pancakes. A – they’re huge. B – they’re filling. And C – you can basically get any kind of pancake you want. We went three times and tried out the pancakes with feta and smoked chicken fillings, smoked cheese and bacon, garlic and cheese, vanilla ice cream and strawberry, and honey and banana. Delicious!

Cafe Mademoiselle is a cute and cozy cafe perfect for afternoon tea and dessert. We ordered a pot of jasmine tea to warm up our fingers and toes and one piece of lemon meringue pie (I’m also a sucker for desserts).