We did not love Latvia. Maybe we would have liked other parts of Latvia if we would have traveled more, but we stayed in the capital Riga for a day and a half, and that was even too much for us. The people were as cold as the weather. The sites were just ok. The food was nothing special. The portrayal of women in the media was offensive and appalling (yes, worse than the US). The streets were dirty and loud at night. Enough of the complaining… It suffices to say that it wasn’t our favorite part of the trip. Latvia is a part of the European Union and uses the Lat, which was about .5 Lats to the dollar.

Riga Dome Cathedral. 1211.

House of Blackheads. 1334. Destroyed in 1941 and rebuilt in 1999.

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. 1209.

Victory Monument. 1935. “For Fatherland and Freedom.” The 3 stars symbolize Latvia’s 3 regions: Kurzeme, Vidzeme, and Latgale.

Riga Castle. 1340. Latvian President’s residence.

(Shout our to our nephew!)

Riga’s central market consists of a covered and uncovered market selling fruits and vegetables, fish, cheeses and dairy, breads, clothing, and much more. It is the largest market in the Baltic states, but Chișinău’s is much bigger with a much larger selection (and way dirtier). So basically, we weren’t impressed. It was our first time seeing pickled apples though.