Easter preparations continued…

After lessons on the Monday and Tuesday before Easter, all the students in the village gathered at the school to receive their class assignments for the village clean up. Every class from the first grade to the 12th grade was assigned to pick up trash in a public area of the village. As we were cleaning up with the students, we immediately realized that we have different definitions for the words “trash” and “clean”. It was good for the students to clean up the village, but I also wonder how effective it is if they have to do the same amount of work each year.

I mainly focus on the positive aspects of Moldova on this blog, but to say that trash management in Moldova is a problem is an understatement, especially in villages. Because there are no managed dumping sites and no enforced trash laws, people end up dumping their trash anywhere and everywhere, on public and private land. We all know the health risks associated with poor trash management, but these risks are accentuated in many Moldovan villages because of the vast agricultural occupation throughout the country. What we put in our soil eventually finds its way back in our bodies. Curt has been working with the mayor and a few other members of the community on a trash project what will hopefully help with some of the problem.