Easter morning was occupied with eating and handing out candy and red eggs to the children walking throughout the village to each home announcing, “Hristos a înviat!” (Christ is risen.) ” After which we say, “Adevărat, a înviat!” (True, He is risen.) This expression is supposed to replace the typical “Buna Ziua” for the next 40 days, but E says that people usually revert back to “Buna Ziua” after a week or so. E said it used to be a tradition to give new church clothes and shoes to the kids on Easter morning, but now kids just want new school clothes, so that’s what they get.

After first eating Pască, we sat down to a full meal at 9:00 am. Let the meat feast begin! (I heard some volunteers ate at 5:00 am with their hosts.) Later in the day we went to the neighboring village and had another masă. We held baby goats and fed the mama goats (post to come) and then went on a short walk. All in all it was a pretty relaxing day. Happy Easter!