Smoking is a substantial health risk in Moldova with approximately 80% of males having a history of smoking. The rate for females is much lower, around 8%, but on the rise nonetheless. With these statistics in mind my nurse partner, A, and I worked all year on developing an anti-smoking campaign for the 405 students at our school. We won a grant to fund some of our initiatives for the 6-week project (Thank you, America!) starting on April 4 and ending on May 20. We developed a project with the goal of providing correct information to all the students about the risks associated with smoking.

A big part of our project was motivating our students to want to learn about this topic, so we used a reward system. Students were awarded tickets for participation in lessons and competitions to use at the carnival at the end of the six weeks. Students received lessons from their teachers, who associated the harms of smoking with their respective subject. Examples: Chemistry teacher talks about the chemical components in cigarettes. Foreign Language teachers teach anti-tobacco phrases and expressions. Music teachers create a song along with students about the risks of smoking. Students also had the opportunity to participate in a weekly school-wide or class-wide competition. The first week was a door decorating contest. This was a new concept for them, but each of the doors was creative, informative, and very well done.

Classes I-A and I-B

Class II-A (Whoever smokes is my brother! Ha, ha, ha.) Class II-B

Classes III-A and III-B

Classes IV-A and IV-B

Class V-A

Class V-B

Class VI-A

Class VI-B

Class VII-A

Class VII-B

Class VIII-A

Class VIII-B

Class IX-A

Class IX-B

Class X

Class XI

Class XII (The smoke that turns your life to ashes)