The second week anti-smoking competition was to write a poem or a short story in a foreign language. The foreign languages taught in the school are Russian, French, and English. The foreign language teachers and I judged the entries on Friday and awarded the winners the following Monday with tickets for the carnival. There were only about 50 entries, but that’s ok. We wanted to make the competitions diverse to make sure we would capture a larger number of participants overall.

I am including a few examples of some of the entries in English. I think the kids did such a great job. Even though I didn’t understand half of the entries, the students still participated and earned their tickets.

you know?

One thousan 5 hundred mens,
Are died every year,
Because they smoke and didn’t know
The harm of cigarette, you know?

To smoke a cigarette it’s bad.
Don’t do what also do your dad.
Because, it’s true, they didn’t know
The harm of cigarette, you know?

But suddenly he get in sick
His lungs don’t work mo more.
Because it’s true, they didn’t know
The harm of cigarette, you know?

And even now, when he remember
That cigaretts are something bad
He speak to us “Don’t ever do that”.
Because he almost die.

– Madălina, 5th grade.


I am Dan. Today I am tell you my story. I was 17 years, learn in hight school. The first time I like smoke a tigarette. Aleague first noticed by the desk, and asked: You smoke? Yew yellowed teeth, smelling of smoke at tigarett. Stop plaing with me and do not eat fruit and the worst is that the cough becoming worse. By my heart condition worsed. By large departed from the hospital. I have never smoked. And when someone gives me at cogarete I say: NO thanks!

– Grigoraș, 5th grade.

Smoching died you!!!

A one time ago live two brothers, they not love smoking but know thei were twing. It’ is name Victor and Alex. Victor has gone abroad and Alex stayed her to have a famyly. Victor did not have family and he stey there yars. When Victor came home he was very old, and Alex have younger before his brother gone abroand. Victor asked him:

– Alex you want a cigarette? Alex ore very amazed.

– No thank you. I dont smoke. I can lose my family for an oane cigarette.

Victor said:

– It is very nice and wonderful to smooke I finld, I am a very strong men.

– Well, I don’t smoking, promt.

Victor not quit smoking. Over 20 years. Victor died because smoking and Alex said:

– Gee without smoking you are died.

Alex live up to deep old age.

– Marinela, 3rd grade.


Do not smoke any cigarette
Is that they harm everyone.
Says every living thing:
No smoking, no smoking!

Even a cockroach say
Is not happy.
Says every living thing
No smoking, no smoking!

– Criscenția, 4th grade.

The Realy story

One day, Andy came home from school, he saw how few of his colleagues in his class had a pack of cigarettes. Andy curious approached them and ask them:

-What you want?

– No, do not think you want to look smoke!

– Yes! We only try, you want it to try?

– Why not? I never tried!

– I hope do be somehting nice. Yeah, my dad smokes, smokes when he says he relaxes, interfering whith one of his colleagues argue.

Students walking in a hidden place, how many have smoked a cigarette and went home each…

Andy finished his evening after lessons, he sat at the computer. Casually join a site unknown. Website wrote: “Smoking kills” and “Smoke a cigarette you minimize life by seven minutes”

Realize what he had done, he read all the info on that site. Therefore he went to bed, fast asleep and being tired. He began to dream…

“Is it that Andy became a smoker. This single-day he remembered that half of his body is never had, was burned like a cigarette.”

From this nightmare, Andy found himself and began to scream. His mother heard quickly went to his room and asked what happened. Boy when his mother told him the whole story. Appease him and his mother went to the doctor the next day. Fortunately that cigarette not affected him. From then on Andy when he saw smoke, the frightened and always comes with hundreds of arguments for the people who smoke.

Reaching the man, he organized several projects about the damage smoking has becme a reliabletutor thousands of smokers.

– Anastasia, 6th grader.


There was a man wealthy. He smoke. One day he was stuck illnese grave. Women came to see wealthy, but he is deceased. Men in it country bought cigaretts. They examine cigaretts see why kills wealthy. They saw cigarett burn lungs. They au fugit de (ran from) cigaretts information că (because) the smoking kills.

-Macrina, 3rd grade.