The fourth week anti-smoking competition was a poster competition for the parents to judge during the parents’ meeting on the Friday of that week. During the meeting several students presented about the current smoking rates in Moldova, the consequences of these rates, and what it means for our village. Other students recited poetry in Romanian, English, French, and Russian. The puppet theater performed a skit, and then a 5th grader sang a song she had made up for one of my homework assignments. Over a 100 parents showed up (We have about 250 families with students at the school.). After the meeting, the parents were asked to judge the posters hanging up around the room.

This puppet theater skit was quite an improvement from the first one. This one was longer, with more characters, and props! The storyline:

Alina is learning about smoking in class when the bell rings. The teacher asks them to come to school the next day with some new information about the effects of smoking.

Alina goes to the library with some of her friends and reads all sorts of information about the effects of smoking, and then goes home.

At home she tells her mom what she learned about that day, and her younger brother brags that he learned something at school too; he learned how to multiply. They are ready to eat when their dad comes home from the store. The boy asks what the dad bought, and the dad says he bought cigarettes. The boy and Alina are sad he didn’t buy anything for them. Mom, Alina, and the boy are all trying to persuade the dad to quit smoking. Later the boy and the dad are watching tv when the little boy calculates the amount of money the dad could save by not smoking (much less here than in the states. A pack of cigarettes here is about 50 cents.).

Alina goes to bed and has a dream where a cigarette, dirty lungs, and a rapidly beating heart are trying to get the clean lungs to hang out with them. The clean lungs decides in the end that she doesn’t want to be covered in tar, so she refuses their company. The next day Alina goes to school and her friends offer her a cigarette. She refuses by using some of the skills she learned in her dream. She asked questions, then identified the consequences, then suggested another activity. The end!

My wonderful nurse partner, A.