The sixth week anti-smoking competition was for each grade to create and perform a skit about the dangers of smoking. The elementary kids performed their skits separately as they get out of school earlier. All four grades did an excellent job. The skits were about 5-7 minutes, and of course, all the students had their lines memorized.

The first graders performed a skit where the three children (on the left) were trying to get their dad (on the far right) to stop smoking. In the end he decided that the kids and his wife were right, that he should make the healthy choice to stop smoking.

The second graders performed a skit about how to decide if smoking is a good idea. The main character (the girl on the right) found a snake on the ground, and when she picked it up, the devil appeared. The devil told her all the things that are good for her, including smoking. He then offered her cigarettes. Just before putting the cigarette in her mouth, an angel appeared and convinced her that smoking is actually not good for her. In the end she decideed to listen to the angel.

This was my favorite skit. The third graders performed a skit as older Moldovan women at a funeral. They all stood in a circle gossiping about how the man died, and all about how terrible cigarettes are for people. It was my favorite because their speech, clothing, and gestures were so characteristic of something you would actually see from Moldovan women.

The fourth graders performed a skit where the main character was a pig.

He wanted to find a delicious and sweet plant to eat, so he tried to eat all the flowers (played by the girls), but they wouldn’t let him. He decided to smoke tobacco because he was hungry and thought this plant would fill him up.

After smoking too many cigarettes he passed out, and his owner called the doctor.

The doctors came and fixed him all up and educated him on all the plants we could eat instead of eating the tobacco plant.

The rest of the school performed their skits an hour later.

The fifth graders performed a skit as a game show, answering questions about smoking.

The sixth graders’ skit started with a couple of boys trying to get other boys to start smoking. They all decided they would smoke together.

Then a group of girls came along and convinced them all one by one to not smoke.

The skit ended with a song and dance.

The seventh graders came up with a skit of a family trying to convince the dad to stop smoking.

This was one of the eighth grade skits, but I have no idea what it was about.

This was another eighth grade skit where a group of girls tried to convince a group of boys to stop smoking.

And yet another eighth grade skit where three bigger kids came up to a younger boy, stole his ball and said they wouldn’t give it back to him until he smoked. The boy had no other choice, and after smoking and getting sick, the older kids ran away with his ball. The skit ended with one of the students warning the audience of these kinds of situations because they are real and happen often in Moldova.

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