So sad. I guess it’s important to know where your meat is coming from, but watching the whole process just isn’t my thing. If you have a weak stomach, it’s probably best to skip the pictures in this post.

S (L’s veterinarian brother) and a neighbor started by killing the pig. S stuck a knife in its throat and waited a few minutes for it to die. Then they started singeing off the hair with a blowtorch. After that, they put a blanket over it for 5 minutes and had a wine break. Back to the pig. While Curt poured water over the pig, they used steel wool to rub the black to white. Then S cut the head off, resting it on the wood block where all the chickens lose their heads.  They peeled off the skin, ate it, and continued on. (They say it’s good, but I politely passed.) Two long incisions down the back and off with the fat (to be used later). They opened the pig along the back, taking out all the parts one by one. They eat just about everything. After the intestines were transferred from the pig to a laundry basket (for cleaning to make sausages), the meat was cut up and placed in the cellar. And of course you can’t kill a pig without serving the heart, lungs and liver for dinner. I had one little piece of the normal meat, but as you can imagine, I just didn’t have much of an appetite.