2011 marks the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary, so some volunteers in our group (M25) started a committee to develop and implement celebratory activities throughout the year. One of the major initiatives of this committee is the creation and maintenance of a blog where a post is added each day for a year by a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Moldova. At first I was skeptical of this initiative, mainly because I thought it would be a brag blog. I think, though, that it has actually turned into a great blog, one that promotes volunteerism and Moldovan culture (and yes… maybe a little bit of bragging.). Check it out if you have a second.

Another initiative organized by this committee was a celebration in Ștefan Cel Mare Park in Chișinău. On a hot Saturday in July, most of the PCVs came into Chișinău to work booths and represent Peace Corps Moldova. The day was filled with local and American musical entertainment, speeches from Moldovan and American dignitaries, and a lot of explaining what Peace Corps is and what we’re doing in Moldova.