So obviously you start by chopping off its head. And I’m still not interested in watching that, so I don’t have pictures of it. Then you dunk the body in a pot of hot water. Pull it out and start defeathering. Once you have the feathers out, torch it to singe the rest of the feathers you missed. Wash it well, the feet and head, and everything. Cut off the legs at the knee. Cut the little claw nails off and discard. Put the feet in a clean bowl. Cut the wings off the body and the tips off the wings (two tips per wing). Turn the chicken on its back and cut the thighs off of the body. Cut these pieces in half at the joint. Now you have just the body. Cut down the body and discard all the things you don’t want to use. L uses just about everything. Once you have all your pieces in a bowl, rinse them with water several times. Now they’re ready to use. It’s a little more detailed than this, but I think you get the idea. Pofta Bună!