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I’m happy to say that Thanksgiving this year was a success. We invited L and E to eat dinner with us and our English club to eat desserts with us. For dinner we started with a cranberry spinach salad, olives, pickles, cheeses and crackers. For diner Curt made the turkey, stuffing, and gravy. The turkey was excellent. We just bought some meat and Curt spiced it up. We also had creamy mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, and 7up salad. We also made apple cider which I think topped off the meal nicely. For dessert Curt made apple strudel muffins and morning glory muffins (soooo good), and I made a pumpkin pie, lemon bars, and cheesecake cupcakes. Our Eglish club girls really liked the desserts and after some prodding on our part, stuffed their pockets with more to take home to their families.


So yes… it is true. Curt visited my barber shop, and I chopped his hair off. So sad, but he was ready for his old hair style again, and I can’t blame him because long hair is a pain. I loved his long hair, and now I love his short hair. Honestly it doesn’t really matter how his hair looks, I just love him.

On another note, I am still growing my hair out and plan to until I get back, but Mrs. Molly B, be prepared because come August 2012 I am going short, short.

Autumn of Gold is a celebration of the fall harvest. Most villages celebrate it one way or another, and this year classes 1-8  were assigned either a fruit or vegetable to present. Some presented by doing a skit, others by reciting a poem, and others by reading information. Most of the classes presented their fruit or vegetable  by either making a life-size replica of it or by dressing up. I especially love the carrot and walnut costumes. After each class presents the students have a bake sale. It’s a nutritious (fruits and vegetables) and delicious (cakes and cookies) time had by all.