Schönbrunn Palace was the summer residence for some of the Hapsburgs of Germany from the early 18th century until the early 20th century. As the grounds were once called Katterburg, they were used as hunting grounds with a hunting lodge for several centuries. It wasn’t until1782 when Charles VI acquired the palace and eventually gifted it to his daughter, Maria Theresa. It was Maria Theresa who transformed the palace into what it is today, a 1,441 room palace that played a central role in court and political life for the Hapsburgs. It would be nice to see the grounds in the spring and summer, as they are said to be spectacularly manicured and colorful.

Hofburg Palace is located in the center of Vienna and historically housed Austria’s dignitaries throughout the different empires that have occupied the country. Presently it is famously known for being the Hapsburg’s winter residence. In this palace we visited the imperial apartments, the Sissi museum, and the treasury. The imperial apartments were very similar to what we saw at Schönbrunn. The Sissi museum was ok. And the treasury was cool but hard to really understand everything because the majority of descriptions were only written in German. I would suggest an audio-guide in the future.